Putting Employees First

From their first day on the job with us, J-Berd employees are given all the tools, resources and knowledge they need to be safe and successful. Our detailed safety program features hands-on learning and a wide variety of additional classes and training to ensure every employee is up-to-date on all necessary safety guidelines, procedures and protocols.


Think Safety, Work Safely

Safety is the foundation of every job we take on. That’s why every employee starts their career at J-Berd Companies with our comprehensive new hire safety orientation.

New hires must complete their safety orientation before they are allowed to begin work in the field. During this hands-on training, employees learn all the safety rules mandated on our job sites and have the opportunity to handle common power tools with supervision to familiarize themselves with their operation.

As our employees grow with us, they will continue their training with courses in first aid, CPR, OSHA 10, forklift training, and other trade-specific classes both in-person and online. Our weekly toolbox training sessions cover a wide variety of topics as directed by our safety team; previous sessions have focused on the Employee Right To Know Act, harassment, bloodborne pathogens, safe driving, heat illness, ladder safety, PPE and many others. We update our training courses regularly to keep all sessions relevant to what is happening in the field, and take requests on topics from our crews.

J-Berd Companies is a proud member of the MNOSHA-ABC partnership designed to reduce the number of injuries, illnesses and fatalities at participant construction industry employers.

Committed to Safe Job Sites

The J-Berd Companies Safety Committee is composed of 15 employees from all three J-Berd Companies.

These committee members are primarily field employees, as their firsthand experience with the day-to-day conditions of job sites are critical to understanding how we can better serve our employees and ensure their safety. The committee’s responsibilities include discussing injury and incident reports, ideating on new safety ideas generated by our employees, and brainstorming new initiatives that will keep all J-Berd employees as safe and efficient as possible.

Join Our Team

Experience the #BerdLife
As an employee-owned company, we are proud of the individuals who serve our clients and are focused on ensuring they are rewarded for their efforts. As we continue to grow, we continue to seek out exceptional individuals to join us and become a vital part of the J-Berd Family.